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Department of Defense Policy

DoD Directive 1300.22E, "Mortuary Affairs Policy," May 25, 2011 This reissued Directive establishes the Central Joint Mortuary Affairs Office (CJMAO) for coordinating mortuary affairs policy, procedures, mobilization planning, and recommendations on mortuary services during military operations. It also provides overarching policy guidance to establish tactics, techniques, and procedures for mortuary affairs.

DoD Directive 1332.27, "Survivor Annuity Programs for the Uniformed Services," June 26, 2003, certified as current April 23, 2007 This Directive updates the responsibilities, functions, authorities, and relationships associated with the Survivor Annuity Programs.

DoD Instruction 1300.15, "Military Funeral Support," October 22, 2007 This Instruction assigns responsibilities and establishes uniform policies for military funeral honors support.

DoD Instruction 1300.18, "Department of Defense (DoD) Personnel Casualty Matters, Policies and Procedures," January 8, 2008, Incorporating Change 1, August 14, 2009 This Instruction assigns responsibilities and establishes uniform personnel policies and procedures for reporting, recording, notifying, and assisting the next-of-kin (NOK) whenever DoD casualties are sustained.

DoD Instruction 1332.42, "Survivor Annuity Program Administration," June 23, 2009 This Instruction prescribes procedures for administering the Survivor and Annuity Programs.


Woman rests head on shoulder of another Grieving the loss of a loved one is a difficult and emotional process. The journey can be scary, painful and lonely, and it's easy to feel that nothing anyone does or says can take away from the pain you feel. Consider the following information to find comfort and understanding as you move forward in your healing process.

College student with backpack After your loved one has died, it is important for the healing process to build new dreams and goals. Perhaps you may be interested in furthering your education. If you or your children are interested in pursuing higher education, and you are the spouse or child of a service member who was injured or died in the line of duty, there are several scholarship opportunities available for you.




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