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There are numerous programs and services outside the Department of Defense that support the military's programs. The following links are to related programs and services that support non-medical counseling programs for service members and their families.

DoD Mental Health Self-Assessment Program Through the MHSA program, a service member or family member can perform a mental health self-assessment anonymously by phone or online. Self-assessments are provided for depression, bipolar disorder, alcohol use, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and generalized anxiety disorder. The program provides immediate results, referrals, and relevant resources at the end of each assessment. Access this program by phone at 877-877-3647 or access the assessment tools online.

Force Health Protection and Readiness  This website was established by the Department of Defense as an additional resource to address deployment-related concerns for troops and family members. The Directorate also provides a toll-free, direct hotline number (800-497-6261) for service members and their families with deployment-related questions.

Military Crisis Line This hotline provides services specifically geared towards military members and veterans who are having a mental health crisis or suicidal thoughts. To contact the hotline directly, please call 800-273-TALK (8255). More information about this program is available on the website for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome This is a link for professionals working with military members who are returning from combat and war zones. The website offers a section specifically for mental health care providers. Within this section are fact sheets, links to recent research studies, and detailed information about the assessment and treatment of PTSD.

The New Warrior: Combat Stress and Wellness for Veterans and Family This is a downloadable video provided by the National Center of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder that was published for troops and family members. The video discusses actions that can be taken to prevent chronic mental health problems for service members who have been exposed to combat and war zone-related stress.

Navy Leader's Guide for Managing Sailors in Distress  The purpose of this guide is to help leaders at all levels recognize distress related behaviors, provide support to sailors within the unit, and collaborate with helping agencies to meet the needs of individuals in distress.

Air Force Leader's Guide for Managing Personnel in Distress The purpose of this leader's guide is to help unit leaders recognize distress related behaviors, provide support to individuals within the unit, and collaborate with helping agencies to meet the needs of individuals in distress. 


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