Homework Help

It always takes time to adjust to new teachers and classes when you switch schools. Here are some ideas to help you stay on top of your assignments and to offer options if you get stuck on one of your more difficult assignments.

  • Ask a parent, another adult, an older sibling or a friend from school to help. Maybe they've already taken the class and can help you with tough assignments. It's always good to let your family know what you're working on anyway!
  • Create a study group. Maybe someone in your class remembers a part of the lesson you forgot and can explain it in a way that you'll understand. Share email addresses and phone numbers with kids in your classes so you can help each other figure out difficult homework assignments.
  • Get extra help from the teacher. If you notice that you are struggling with your homework regularly, you may need to stay after school to get extra help from your teachers. Teachers will stay after school to make sure you get the help you need; you just have to ask!
  • Check out the Internet. There are multiple ways to discuss a particular concept. Sometimes hearing an explanation from someone else is all you need.
  • Get organized. If you don't do it already, start carrying a planner or a notebook just for homework assignments. With all the classes you have in middle school, it's important to keep it all straight. Write down the assignments in one place so that you remember what to do when you sit down to do your work.
  • Create a schedule. Between helping out at home and other things you need or want to do after school, it might be hard to find time to squeeze in homework. Set aside a time each day to focus just on homework. Get it done and the rest of the day is yours!

Don't get stressed out if the kids at your new school are working on different stuff in your classes. It's OK if it takes a while for you to get caught up and learn the ropes!

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