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The lives of military children can be challenging. is a website that helps military kids, tweens and teens understand that they can overcome obstacles. The struggles they face do have solutions. No matter where they are in the world, no matter what time of day, military kids can watch personal story videos, view animated graphic novels, play games and communicate with other military kids. is a frequently updated, Department of Defense website designed to help military children support one another and learn coping and resilience-building skills that will help them thrive amid the many changes of military life. The site was developed by psychologists at the National Center for Telehealth and Technology, the DoD's primary agency for applying innovative technology to issues of psychological health and traumatic brain injury.

For kids, tweens and teens uses innovative ways to help military youth cope with the unique strains of military life. In addition to disruptions in family life from a parent's deployment, military children are affected by moving frequently, changing schools and making new friends. They also have to live with readjustment issues when a parent returns from deployment. These issues may include post-traumatic stress and physical disabilities.

The site features customized content for three age groups: kids, tweens and teens. Users are directed to an age-appropriate homepage where they can find:

  • Videos of military kids telling their personal stories about how they overcame challenges
  • Moderated social networking message boards for tweens and teens (parent approval required for registration)
  • Engaging, age-appropriate games
  • Interactive maps
  • A personal scrapbook application
  • Instructional vignettes
  • A virtual personal space kids navigate with a customizable avatar

Together, these features create a safe and comfortable place for young people everywhere, including those who live outside military installation communities, to share with their peers and learn how to handle the pressures of being a military kid.

For parents and educators also provides content for parents and educators of military kids to help them improve their ability to support the unique needs of military kids. Among the many informative topics are:

  • Military culture videos and lesson plans for teachers, school counselors and educators to better understand the differences between military and civilian youth
  • New modules for children and parents on handling grief, loss and physical injury
  • Information on common behavioral responses to deployment by age group and methods to cope with these behaviors
  • Information about website safeguards and parental controls

To find out more, visit the parental section of or get your child started today via the secure registration page.


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