If you aren't quite ready for a job, but you want to get involved and help out somewhere, volunteering is a great way to spend some of your free time. When you volunteer, you give your time to a cause that needs your help. It's an opportunity to feel good about yourself, learn about an organization you may be interested in, meet new people, and help a cause you believe in. If you don't know how to go about getting started with volunteering, check out the information below.

  • Think about what you are interested in and what you feel strongly about. Do you feel strongly about helping sick children? Do you care about saving the environment? Do you love working with animals? Knowing what you feel strongly about can help you to narrow down your search for a great volunteer position.
  • Research the volunteer opportunities in your local area. Go around town with a parent or another adult and search for various organizations that you think might accept volunteer work like animal shelters or homeless shelters. Go inside and talk to the staff about what you could do.
  • Ask around school. Talk to your counselor about volunteer opportunities the school may know about. Maybe your school partners with an elementary school and you could help tutor, or maybe the school is involved in community work programs on the weekends.
  • Make a list of what you're interested in doing and show it to some adults. They may be able to help guide your search.
  • Get moving. Once you've done your research, go after the opportunity that best fits your interests. Call the organization or stop by and find out how you can start helping out.

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