Get a Job!

Working a summer or part-time job is a great way to earn extra money, gain experience, make friends, and have some fun! If you're ready to join the job force, check out the info below to get some good ideas on how to do it.

  • Figure out what you're interested in doing. Do you want to work outside or would you rather be inside? What type of hours do you want to work? What activities do you enjoy? Are you a "people person"? What other activities do you already have scheduled?
  • Narrow your search. Look around for businesses that hire teens. Good places to start are fast food restaurants, child care centers, summer camps, retail companies, local libraries, amusement parks, etc.
  • Do your research. Look in your local paper, ask around at school, visit potential places you'd like to work, and check out the Internet for positions that are currently available for teens.
  • Get out there! Once you have your résumé ready, head out to find that perfect job. Remember to dress nicely and speak professionally and courteously during interviews. And silence or turn your phone OFF.
  • Don't give up at the first "no." Not every potential employer is going to jump at the chance to hire you, and that's okay. Getting turned down is all part of the job searching process. The right job will come along if you keep at it.
  • Be aware of what you can and can't do as a working teen. You can find out if your employer is following the law by checking out the U.S. Department of Labor website and picking your state for further information on teen employment.

A job means that you're going to have to work, so be prepared. You have to be on time and stick to your work schedule. Be professional and respectful to your employer at all times.

For more information and resources to help military youth and teens navigate everything from the unique challenges of a mobile military lifestyle to managing their social lives, saving money, and going green, visit Military Youth on the Move!


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