Leadership Opportunities

As a military youth, there are a lot of great leadership opportunities out there just waiting for you! Check out the information below, talk to your parents and see if one of these existing programs or opportunities interests you.

  • Get involved with a military program. As part of a military family, you have access to a lot of great programs that can help you build confidence and leadership skills.
    Military Youth of the Year
    As part of the partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of America, military youth programs on most military installations participate in a program called Military Youth of the Year. The program celebrates the exemplary achievements of participating military youth. As a Boys & Girls Clubs of America premier recognition program, Military Youth of the Year promotes young people's service to their military community and family, academic performance, moral character and life goals. Each year, select members of military youth programs compete on the local, state and regional levels to become the next Military Youth of the Year. For more information, contact your local youth center or nearest community-based Boys & Girls Clubs of America.
  • Challenge yourself. Check out the Congressional Award Program. This voluntary, noncompetitive award program is open to all 14 to 23-year-olds. It is a fun and interesting way to have fun with your friends and set and achieve challenging goals. For more information, visit their website.
  • Contact your local youth center to check for other opportunities. The youth centers sponsor events and programs designed for you, including Military Youth of the Year awards.
  • Get involved in your community.
  • Get involved at school. Your school has organizations you can join including sports teams, student council or afterschool clubs.
  • Get involved at home. It may sound strange, but volunteering to help out more at home is a great way to become a good leader. Volunteer to take on more responsibility during a parent's deployment, and see how good it feels to be a leader within your own family!

For more information and resources to help military youth and teens navigate everything from the unique challenges of a mobile military life to managing their social lives, saving money and going green, visit Military Youth on the Move!


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