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Tools for Service Providers

Downloadable Fliers

Military OneSource fliers provide a brief introduction to various programs, services and resources available through Military OneSource. Service providers and leaders can use these downloadable PDFs to easily share information about all that Military OneSource has to offer with their service members and families:

Blog Brigade (PDF)

What Can Military OneSource Do For You? (PDF)

K-12 and College Education (PDF)

Military OneSource Mobile Site (PDF)

Military OneSource Tax Services (PDF)

Morale, Welfare and Recreation Online Libraries (PDF)

Non-Medical Counseling (PDF)

Parenting Resources (PDF)

Wounded Warrior (PDF)

Financial Counseling (PDF)

Current Issues Addressed by the USA4 MilitaryFamilies Initiative (PDF)

USA4 Military Families Issue Selection Process (PDF)


 The Commandant's Reading List Children who read well can find information, follow written instructions, solve mathematical word problems and entertain themselves with a story. Here are some ideas on how to make reading more fun for both of you.

Service member and his significant other holding hands. From sharing fears and feelings to facing the challenges of military life, good communication is key to staying close and growing together. If you think you and your partner could use some help in that area, read on for tips on how - and how often - to speak to one another, how to help your partner open up and more.




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