Emergency Family Assistance

The world is an unpredictable place, and emergencies happen. When an emergency does occur, the response is critical to keeping people safe and healthy. To help protect military families and other Department of Defense personnel, all military installations are required to create and maintain an emergency family assistance plan.

Emergency family assistance is focused on the return to a stable environment and mission-ready status following an all-hazards incident (any incident that requires an organized response to preserve health and safety), such as a natural disaster.

Emergency family assistance is part of your installation's overall emergency management plan, which is unique to your installation. Emergency family assistance plans include the locations for an emergency family assistance center, procedures for providing services and training and drilling exercises to prepare for a situation requiring the establishment of a center.

An emergency family assistance center provides guidance, information and services, including:

  • Medical triage and information about medical services
  • Religious services
  • Counseling
  • Housing or temporary lodging
  • Legal services
  • Transportation
  • Child and youth services
  • Financial services
  • Personnel location services

Emergency family assistance centers must be safe, secure and spacious enough to accommodate families and provide vital services in the case of a large-scale emergency.

Installations are required to conduct tests of their emergency family assistance plan on an annual basis as part of installation emergency management exercises. Contact your installation's Military and Family Support Center for more information about available support in the event of a large-scale emergency.


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