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Army Component Emergency Contact Information

Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System (ADPAAS)

Emergency Number: 1-800-833-6622
Website: Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System
Additional Information: ADPAAS standardizes a method for the Army to account, manage, and monitor the recovery process for personnel and their families affected and/or scattered by a wide-spread catastrophic event.
Date Submitted: 9/23/2010


United States Aviation Center of Excellence (USAAC)

Component Emergency Number: (334) 255-0960
Component Website: Fort Rucker Family Readiness Support
Email: Family Readiness Support Assistant (FRSA)
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8:00 - 4:30 pm. If you need assistance after hours, call Staff Duty Officer at (334) 255-3400.
Date Submitted: 1/24/2011


1-25th SBCT

Component Emergency Number: (907) 353-4180
Component Website: 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team
Additional Information: The emergency phone number listed is for the Brigade staff duty.
Date Submitted: 10/5/2010

Armed Forces Europe

3-159th ARB, 12th CAB

Component Emergency Number: DSN (314) 467-4802 Commercial (011) (49) 9802-83-4802
Component Website: 12th CAB Battalions
Date Submitted : 8/7/2010


HQ U.S. Southern Command/J15

Component Emergency Number:1-877-291-1604
Date Submitted: 3/8/2011


3rd BDE, 3rd ID

Component Emergency Number: (706) 544-4111
Component Website: The Sledgehammer Brigade
Date Submitted: 1/24/2011

3rd Infantry Division Band

Component Emergency Number: (912) 767-2207
Component Website: Third Infantry Division Band
Date Submitted: 8/7/2010

314th Chemical Company (Heavy)

Component Emergency Number: (404) 754-6657
Date Submitted: 2/23/2010


3-7 FA, 3 IBCT, 25th ID

Component Emergency Number: (808) 655-0884
Component Website: 3rd Battalion, 7th Field Artillery Regiment
Date Submitted: 6/3/2010

3rd Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division

Component Emergency Number: (808) 655-9717
Component Website: 3rd Brigade Combat Team
Additional Information: Number listed is the staff duty phone number.
Date Submitted: 3/04/2011

30th Signal Battalion

Component Emergency Number: (808) 655-2127
Date Submitted: 3/4/2010

1-129th Field Artillery

Component Emergency Number: (660) 582-8276
Date Submitted: 10/18/2010


Bravo company 563rd ASB

Component Emergency Number: (270) 798-0634
Date Submitted: 4/28/2010


94th Engineer Battalion

Component Emergency Number: (573) 596-5386
Date Submitted: 9/8/2010



Component Emergency Number: (402) 309-7330
Component Website: Nebraska National Guard
Date Submitted: 7/6/2011


369th MCD

Component Emergency Number: (224) 545-4594
Date Submitted: 10/18/2010


1st Brigade, 95th Division

Component Emergency Number: (580) 355-5500
Additional Information: To reach the Family Readiness Support Assistant use x 225
Date Submitted: 5/13/2010


HHC 364th CA BDE

Component Emergency Number: (650) 336-4374
Date Submitted: 7/19/2010


338th Medical Brigade

Component Emergency Number: (610) 245-2360
Date Submitted: 4/20/2010


1-41 Infantry Battalion

Component Emergency Number: (915) 741-1898
Website: 1-41 Infantry Battalion
Date Submitted: 1/31/2011

2nd CM BN

Component Emergency Number: (254) 285-5487
Additional Information: This phone number is for the staff duty desk.
Date Submitted: 9/15/2010

2-82 Field Artillery BN

Component Emergency Number: (254) 288-7328
Website: 1st Cavalry Division
Family Readiness Support Assistant (FRSA) Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 4:00 pm. If you need assistance after hours, call Staff Duty Officer at (254) 288-7328.
Facebook: 2nd 82nd Field Artillery Regiment
Date Submitted: 2/7/2011

3rd Brigade, 1rst Armored Division

Component Emergency Number: (915) 741-1508
Website: Fort Bliss
Additional Information: This phone number is the BDE Staff Duty Number.
Date Submitted: 1/23/2011

4-27 Field Artillery

Component Emergency Number: (915) 744-7658
Date Submitted: 1/25/2011

11th BDE 5-52 AMD

Component Emergency Number: (915) 892-9757
Date Submitted: 3/9/2011

15th Sus. Bde. "Wagonmasters"

Component Emergency Number: (915) 744-2590
Unit Website: 15th Sustainment Brigade
Date Submitted: 1/24/2011

436th Chemical Company

Component EmergencyNumber: (956) 724-6300
Additional Information: First choose option 7 for 436th Chemical Company, then option 1 for the Readiness NCO
Date Submitted: 6/14/2010

820th SignalCompany, 359th Signal Brigade

Component Emergency Number: (432) 563-2826
Date Submitted: 8/15/2010

Warrior Transition Battalion

Component Emergency Number: (915) 569-8084
Family Support Number: (915) 838-4815;
WTB Chaplain Number: (915) 892-3165
Date Submitted: 4/6/2010


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