Military OneSource Special Needs Consultants

Many military families are aware that Military OneSource offers a variety of consultations and counseling options, but did you know there's a specialized group of consultants that serves families with special needs? Military OneSource special needs consultants are available to families for assistance with questions and concerns regarding the care and education of a family member with special needs — both children and adults. The person who provides your consultation will be a licensed, master's-level professional with extensive experience in the field of special needs.

Ways that special needs consultants can help

Military OneSource special needs consultants are experts at navigating the wealth of information available to assist military families with special needs. The goal of a specialty consultation is to give you practical tools that will assist you in making informed decisions for you and your family.

A special needs consultant listens to what families need, figures out the resources the family already has or has tried, and points them in the direction for the type of help that is currently needed. Any non-medical concerns regarding your family member with special needs can be addressed in a consultation.

Consultants can provide information about:

  • Early intervention, special education and options available when your child graduates from high school
  • Supports for adults, including information on insurance, Supplemental Security Income and Medicare and Medicaid
  • Recreational referrals to specialized summer camps and other extracurricular activities
  • Referrals to legal and financial resources specific to special needs families
  • Respite care resources through community programs, TRICARE and each service branch
  • Other resources available through Military OneSource

Special needs consultants strive to tailor the experience to the families and adjust their offerings to each unique situation. If a family is struggling to understand their TRICARE benefits, a consultant can conference call a TRICARE representative with the family for better understanding. Consultants are very familiar with the products available through Military OneSource and can easily get the right tools into a family's hands including resources like the Department of Defense's Special Needs Parent Tool Kit, Special Care Organization Records and Guide for Adults with Special Needs.

How to connect with a special needs consultant

Families wishing to speak with an MOS special needs consultant should call 800-342-9647 and ask to schedule a special needs specialty phone consultation. You can also go to the Military OneSource website and ask online to schedule an appointment. Appointments are available seven days a week at the convenience of the family and can last up to one hour. Most families schedule one to three consultations, but unlimited sessions are available for this service, based upon the complexity of the situation and the family's needs.

How to prepare for a consultation

No special preparation is needed for your specialty consultation. Your familiarity with the circumstances regarding your situation will be enough to get started. However, do be sure to find a quiet space and time for your consultation to get the most out of your session with minimal distractions.


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