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Downloadable Fliers

Military OneSource fliers provide a brief introduction to various programs, services and resources available through Military OneSource. Service providers and leaders can use these downloadable PDFs to easily share information about all that Military OneSource has to offer with their service members and families:

Blog Brigade (PDF)

What Can Military OneSource Do For You? (PDF)

K-12 and College Education (PDF)

Military OneSource Mobile Site (PDF)

Military OneSource Tax Services (PDF)

Morale, Welfare and Recreation Online Libraries (PDF)

Non-Medical Counseling (PDF)

Parenting Resources (PDF)

Wounded Warrior (PDF)

Financial Counseling (PDF)

Current Issues Addressed by the USA4 MilitaryFamilies Initiative (PDF)

USA4 Military Families Issue Selection Process (PDF)


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A child along with his younger brother with special needs. Managing the needs of your family member with a disability along with those of your other children can be a balancing act. When parents need to dedicate their attention to a family member with special needs, their other children may feel isolated or ignored. Keep siblings connected by reminding them that they are important, too, and learn more tips to keep all of your children happy and healthy within the family.

Two teenagers playing a game. The military's youth and teen programs help fill the gap in a family's care needs during summer break, holidays, and before-and after-school hours. Programs vary by service branch and installation, but most installations have a program for school-age children, as well as a youth center with organized activities.


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