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Handbook for the Inclusion of People With Disabilities in National and Community Service Programs — Published by the Corporation for National and Community Service, the Handbook for the Inclusion of People With Disabilities in National and Community Service Programs provides information on how to make national and community service programs more inclusive for people with disabilities. The handbook provides information about creating an inclusive environment, a brief historical overview of social perceptions of people with disabilities, an overview of disability-related laws, instructions on how to write inclusive service descriptions, information about recruitment and outreach, and facts about accommodations issues and legal requirements.

Preparing for Disaster for People With Disabilities and Other Special Needs — Published jointly by the American Red Cross and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, this guide provides resources and recommendations to make an emergency response plan, assemble an emergency kit and maintain the plan and kit.

Finding a Job That is Right for You: A Practical Approach to Looking for a Job as a Person With a Disability — Provided by the Job Accommodation Network, this guide provides information, tools and resources that can be used by people with disabilities to find the right job.

ADA: Know Your Rights — Provided by the U.S. Department of Justice, this publication explains service members' rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act and provides information on where to get assistance.



Man with forearm crutches standing in front of a computer. Disclosing your disability in the workplace is a personal decision. If you're thinking about having this discussion with your employer, read “Addressing Your Disability in the Workplace” in the October edition of The Exceptional Advocate. Learn about reasonable accommodations, your rights as an employee and what to expect during the process.

TRICARE: The Military's Health Care Program An independent assessment of prevailing TRICARE rates related to autism services will delay a 46 percent reduction in reimbursement levels until April.

DoD Efforts to Combat Childhood Obesity One of the most common personal goals people set for themselves is to get in better shape. There's no denying the benefits of exercise and a healthy lifestyle: lower stress levels, improved self-esteem, physical endurance and stamina, and general well-being.


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