Air Force Regulations and Orders

The following Air Force Regulations and policies provide information and guidance on issues concerning military families with special needs. Click on the directives below to find specific guidelines on obtaining ID cards, special education services and the assignment coordination process.

AFI 36-3026(IP), "Identification Cards for Member of the Uniformed Services, their Eligible Family Members and other Eligible Personnel," June 17, 2009 This instruction provides guidance on the receipt of ID Cards for dependent children who become incapacitated prior to age twenty-one, are incapable of self-support, and remain entitled to benefits and privileges authorized by the Uniformed Services, if medical sufficiency is met and the sponsor is providing over 50 percent of their support.

Air Force Policy Directive (AFPD) 40-6, "Educational and Developmental Intervention Services," June 30, 2006 certified current June 11, 2014 This directive establishes policies that the Air Force Educational and Developmental Intervention Services (EDIS) will use to ensure the highest standards of practice and care are applied to all aspects of intervention for eligible children with disabilities and their families.

AFPD 40-7, "Special Needs Identification and Assignment Coordination," March 16, 2007 certified current September 4, 2013 This directive establishes policies for the Air Force Special Needs Identification and Assignment Coordination (SNIAC) process.

AFI 40-701, "Special Needs Identification and Assignment Coordination," February 15, 2012 This instruction describes the responsibilities of Air Force personnel with regard to the SNIAC process, in Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs), the Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC), and in other agencies that are instrumental to the implementation and operation of the Air Force SNIAC process.


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