Online Filing Tips with MilTax

Tax returns are due April 18 this year. Do yourself a favor and don’t wait until the very last minute to file your return. You’ll be less likely to make costly mistakes if you’re not in a rush to beat the deadline.

MilTax, Military OneSource’s free tax services, makes it easy to complete and submit your tax return online. The MilTax software will also help you avoid mathematical errors, transposed numbers and missed deductions.

Visit the MilTax services hub and follow the prompts for filing.

Get organized

Start by pulling together the documents and information you’ll need when filing your taxes. These include:

  • W2 forms
  • 1099 forms
  • Expense documents, including receipts and canceled checks
  • Bank account information for a direct deposit refund

When you file your taxes electronically, you must sign and validate your return by entering your prior year adjusted gross income or your prior year self-select PIN. Using an electronic filing PIN is no longer an option.

Check your work and keep a backup

Make sure you enter your information correctly and double-check it before submitting your return.

  • Did you enter your children’s Social Security numbers correctly? Your spouse’s? Your own? If not, the IRS may send your return back to you.
  • Is your bank account number correct? If not, your refund could land in someone else’s account.
  • Keep a paper or electronic copy of your tax return for your records.

For questions, military-specific tax assistance or for help getting started, call 800-342-9647 to speak with a MilTax consultant. This service is free for eligible participants.

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