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Healthy Base Initiative

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Obesity and tobacco use among U.S. military health care beneficiaries add over $3 billion per year to the Department of Defense (DoD) budget in health care costs and lost duty days. Failure to meet weight standards is a leading cause of involuntary separation from the military, and obesity in the civilian community may be limiting DoD's ability to recruit qualified personnel. To help combat this problem, military installations should provide environments which encourage good nutrition, active lifestyles, and tobacco-free living. The Office of Military Community and Family Policy, Office of the Secretary of Defense is carrying out the Healthy Base Initiative to help meet this need.


Active Living The obesity epidemic is caused in large part by the sedentary habits, like sitting at a desk, in the car or on the couch, that have replaced manual labor, active commuting and spending free time outdoors. By making small changes, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, biking to work or finding time for exercise, you can take charge of your health and increase your energy!

Department of Defense Efforts to Combat Childhood Obesity The Let's Move! campaign, initiated by First Lady Michelle Obama, is an inclusive, wide-ranging program designed to help battle the problem of childhood obesity by embracing a number of different approaches. Guidelines within the program are directed toward not only parents and caregivers, but also toward schools, community leaders, elected officials, health care providers and private sector companies, outlining roles that each can play to improve the health and future well-being of the nation's youth.




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