Healthy Base Initiative Families Overview

Creating healthy communities starts at home. Installations can make major strides in anti-obesity and tobacco campaigns, but it is important that these healthy habits are modeled, encouraged and reinforced at home so that each family member has the proper environment, guidance and support to make healthy choices and increase resilience.

This Healthy Base Initiative component encourages family members to set healthy examples for each other and offer support as the initial changes toward health transform into life-long healthy habits. This means that parents model and encourage a tobacco-free lifestyle and activity over sedentary habits. Family members can also influence healthy food choices. On hectic weeknights, it may be tempting to drive-through a fast food lane instead of choosing a healthier, home-cooked meal. Families can learn that healthy meals can be convenient and cost-effective. By working together, families can steer away from unhealthy food choices, tobacco and sedentary habits and achieve health for every member of the family.


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