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Implementing Healthy Eating Messages in Schools

So much of a child's life happens within the walls of a school; there children learn both academics and life skills. It's a natural assumption that if schools adopt efforts to improve health and wellness that children will learn to make positive, healthy choices at school that carry over into other areas of their lives. This Healthy Base Initiative task aims to implement anti-obesity and tobacco initiatives in installation schools, and it overlaps with many other wedges, including food and beverage, tobacco-free living, active living, and health and wellness.

Schools can be effective environments to integrate health messages with education. Classes could create projects with positive health messages that would be displayed around the school. Cafeterias could promote delicious, healthy meals, and recipes could be incorporated into a math class. Science classes could discover the effects of smoking on the lungs, and physical activity could be promoted in various school events, like a mini-Olympics. Students could mark their progress on charts and observe that healthy eating and positive choices will make a difference to their health. By being good students of health, they can become conscientious adults with strong bodies and sharp minds.




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