Health and Wellness Overview

This focus area has two agendas: the creation of a health and wellness assessment and the implementation of medical education programs to improve health.

An important part of the Healthy Base Initiative is measurement. A key tool to discover health risks and determine treatment is a health and wellness assessment, which will be developed to replace the current periodic health assessment. The new assessment will be available to military personnel and their families. The assessment will provide information about the individual's risk factors to both the individual and the medical system. By having this information, patients will take ownership of their health and presumably be better equipped to make positive changes to benefit their health. Additionally, the assessment will allow medical providers to educate their patients and better manage their risk factors.

The second focus of the health and wellness wedge is programs that can improve health at wellness centers. Such programs aim to prevent diabetes, improve breastfeeding rates, educate people about nutrition and promote proper exercise techniques.

The data from the health and wellness assessment will be used to determine goals for reducing obesity and tobacco use. The assessment, coupled with the education programs, will serve to provide tangible results of the health and well-being programs that the Healthy Base Initiative promotes. The success of the initiative that will be most celebrated will be a positive attitude change among military service members and their families, making healthy the social norm.


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