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Going Places

To change mindsets from sedentary to active it is beneficial to have a physical environment that makes it easy for activities to take place. Community planners can play an important part in a long-term vision, such as incorporating physical structures that allow for increased activity, or creating parks or bike lanes. More immediately, there are a number of ways that the environment can suggest an increase in activity. For example, areas could be set aside for community gardens; this would overlap with the "Schools/Families" and the "Food" focuses. A simple, yet effective, reminder would be to place point-of-service prompts to use stairs instead of elevators in buildings. Perhaps bike-share programs could be initiated; this would overlap with "Active Living." Organizers could continue to limit the areas where smoking is allowed in installation facilities; this would overlap with "Tobacco-Free Living."

By adjusting the environment, people would be inspired to get active and more inclined to stay active. This fits in with the overall objective to change the way we think about our health and fitness. It reinforces the need to make changes to improve ourselves, our children and our community.




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