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Good health is critical to military and family readiness, allowing service members to perform their responsibilities at work and at home to the best of their abilities. While Military OneSource does not provide direct health care services, it provides resources that can help you maintain good health. Check out our fresh, practical content on healthy living and more.

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A Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team member stands on first base.
Broken cigarette
Family having a picnic
Young boys part of the 4-H running outside
Little girl in a tug a rope exercise
Group of people riding bicycles
Mother and son at farmers market
Service member’s hand holding a beer.
Service member pets a dog
Wife’s hand on husbands back.
A wounded warrior is greeted by a service member
Man on couch with head in arms
Veteran marches to honor those who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or died by suicide.
Caregiver support group cuts a cake at a monthly forum.
Health specialist points out areas of magnetic activity in a brain displayed on a monitor.
Nurse practitioner records a patient's vitals during a routine appointment
Back of person running down dirt road
Family in kitchen cooking
Group of people in fitness class
Service member in physical training
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