Language Interpretation Services from Military OneSource

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the language interpretation service?
A: Military OneSource provides simultaneous language interpretation services. This service, which is provided by phone, ensures that language will not be a barrier to family members seeking and receiving our services.

Q: Which languages are included in the service?
A: We make every effort to honor all language preferences.

Q: When are language interpretation services available?
A: Language interpretation services are available to our counselors twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Q: Who is eligible to use this service?
A: Service members and their families are eligible to use the Military One Source language interpretation services.

Eligible service members include:

  • Active-duty service members in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force
  • National Guard and reserve members, regardless of activation status (including members of the Individual Ready Reserve)
  • Separating service members, for up to six months following their separation from the military services

Q: Are there any restrictions involved in using this service?
A: Yes. Requests to use the interpretation service for reasons outside the context of a Military OneSource case, or by third-party advocates for reasons outside a Military OneSource case, are outside the scope of this service. For example, a family readiness group leader may not use the interpretation service to contact a non-English speaking spouse.

Q: Can this service be used for medical-based issues?
A: No. Interpretation services may not be used to discuss or deliver information related to medical issues.

Q: Are there any options for assistance with documents that do not qualify for this service?
A: If a military family member or military family support staff member needs interpretation services that are outside the scope of this service, consultant will offer alternate resources to assist with this need.



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