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Tools for Service Providers

Management Tools

The following management tools are available for download and printing by Joint Family Support Assistance Program service providers to help conduct and promote their programs. Upgrades for Acrobat Reader software are available at no charge at

The Key Messages and letters below are not Official DoD materials; they are samples created by several of the 15 pilot JFSAP states. Identifiable state information has been removed. Samples may be used as a resource to develop state specific materials.

When possible, presentations are provided in PDF and Word or Publisher versions. PDF files will download more quickly than Word or Publisher files. However, the following Word/Publisher presentations are provided so that Service Providers may individualize them for their own installation requirements.

The following are some guidelines to consider:

  • JFSAP is intended to serve DoD service members and their families. Coast Guard Families are not eligible for JFSAP services.
  • Do not include information specific to the various contract agencies that support the JFSAP program, for example do not use headers, logos, or website addresses for Managed Health Network (MHN) or any other contractor.

Once developed, please submit letters, brochures, and flyers to so they can be shared with other JFSAP Teams.

Key Messages - A concise listing of key messages regarding the purpose of JFSAP, the services provided through the program, and how JFSAP can help military families.
PDF version/DOC version

Outreach Letter - A sample letter to families describing JFSAP and the services it provides. Available in PDF version only.

Press Release - A sample press release that can be used in individual states to highlight the new National Guard initiatives for military families. Available in PDF version only.

School Letter - A template for a letter to a school administrator about the services provided by Military Family Life Counselors and how those services can benefit military children affected by deployment. Available in PDF version only.

JFSAP Information Paper - A one page summary of the purpose of JFSAP and current and projected listings of JFSAP pilot locations.

JFSAP Trifold Brochure - A brochure describing JFSAP.


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