Document Translation Services from Military OneSource

Through its document translation services, Military OneSource provides translation of many legal documents such as leases, marriage licenses, adoption paperwork, and school transcripts for service members and their families. Upon request by an eligible user, translations will be certified, notarized as necessary, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. The information below will help you better understand how the program works.

Eligibility for translation services

Anyone who is eligible to use the Military OneSource program is eligible to use Military OneSource translation services. However, they may use the services only for qualifying documents that relate to their own, individual situations. Those eligible for Military OneSource services include

  • active duty service members in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force and their immediate family members
  • National Guard and Reserve members, regardless of activation status, and their immediate family members (includes members of the Individual Ready Reserve)
  • separating service members and their immediate family members for up to six months following separation from the military services
  • DoD civilians on the staff of installation support services/offering support services to service members and their families (through Airman and Family Readiness Centers, Army Community Service, Family Assistance Centers, etc.) when translation of documents is for their own, individual situation (as described above). Civilian service eligibility does not include face-to-face consultation, or telephonic or online short-term solution-focused consultation

Qualifying documents

Only certain kinds of “qualifying documents” may be translated by our document translation services. Qualifying documents include legal documents such as

  • leases
  • marriage licenses
  • adoption paperwork required by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
  • birth certificates
  • school transcripts

Only the kinds of documents described above qualify for translation through Military OneSource document translation services. Documents that do not qualify include

  • Medical documents. Our translation services may not be used for discussion or delivery of information related to medical issues. Birth certificates, however, qualify for our translation services.
  • Other. Requests to use the document translation service that are not for an individual service member or family member or are not for qualifying documents are outside the scope of Military OneSource document translation services. For example, flyers advertising installation events or family support program brochures may not be translated.

Documents that do not meet eligibility criteria may be considered for translation support if there are other available free resources. Military OneSource will explore community and government resources to assist you. Many times manufacturers, educational services, and community agencies provide educational materials in numerous languages. Your Military OneSource consultant will explain how we can help you with documents that do not qualify for Military OneSource translation services.

Military OneSource is unable to explore alternative community and government translation resources for medical issues. In such cases, we will only refer you to your primary care physician, TRICARE (or other health benefit as appropriate), or nearest military treatment facility for further assistance.

Getting started

Call a Military OneSource consultant at 1-800-342-9647. (From outside the United States and Canada, call 1-800-342-9647 or call collect 703-253-7599.) Be sure to have the document to be translated with you when you call.

Your consultant will then

  • explain how to connect with and send documents to the translation service provider
  • ask you several questions about your document and complete a Request for Translation Services Form
  • open a case for you and give you the case number
  • send a copy of the completed Request for Translation Services Form to you. (You will attach this form when you fax, e-mail, or mail your qualifying documents to the translation service provider. The consultant will also send a copy of the form to the translation service provider by e-mail to authorize your use of the service.)

Keep in mind that case numbers can be used only once. If you need translation services in the future for a different qualifying document, please call again for a new case number and form.

If you follow the process below by sending your qualifying document via e-mail, and if your document is less than 5,000 words, you will receive your translation back within a few business days.

Documents that are nonstandard in nature, in poor condition, or longer than 5,000 words generally require more time.


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