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Purple Up!

Show your support for military children — join others across the globe who will be wearing purple on April 15. The observance, "Purple Up! For Military Kids," is a relatively new, tangible way to show support for the youngest members of our military community. It’s one more way to say "Thank You."

Purple Up! Day was begun by University of New Hampshire's Operation: Military Kids and is now celebrated across the nation by individuals and groups that support military children. This year, many states will 'Purple Up' on Wednesday, April 15.

Why purple? Purple is the color that represents all service branches of the military. Purple Up! Day is one day of celebration during the Month of the Military Child. This is an opportunity for everyone to show their support for military children. On April 15, please consider wearing purple (or something close to it on the color wheel like mauve, lilac, lavender, violet, plum, wine or amethyst).





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