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Service Regulations and Orders

Military programs are governed by federal law, Department of Defense policy and additional policies specific to the branches of service. The below are service-specific policies that govern relocation and housing programs in the military.



Army Executive Order (HQDA EXORD) 018-12 ISO, "The Total Army Sponsorship Program (TASP)," November 2011  This Order, which references DA Form 5434 (revised) and AR 600-8, provides the principles of support, standards of service, policies, functions, and tasks governing the Total Army Sponsorship Program (TASP) and makes sponsorship mandatory for all Soldiers in the rank of private through colonel, and civilians in grades GS15 and below. When effectively executed, TASP supports readiness by mitigating stress,  and by enhancing unit cohesion, resiliency, and Espirit De Corps.

AR 608-1, "Army Community Service Center,"September 19, 2007  This Regulation prescribes the policies and responsibilities for establishing and operating an Army Community Service (ACS) Center. Chapter Four, Section Three of this publication specifically addresses relocation support services.

AR 614-6, "Permanent Change of Station Policy," October 7, 1985  This regulation prescribes policies and procedures pertaining to the assignments, details, and transfers during a permanent change of station (PCS) move. In addition to establishing general PCS policy, it provides specific policy pertaining to movement of units and headquarters-directed temporary duty (TDY) to schooling in conjunction with PCS.

Marine Corps

Marine Corps Order (MCO) P1700.24B, "Marine Corps Personal Services Manual," December 27, 2001  This Order publishes policies for Personal Services Programs within the Marine Corps Community Services. Chapter Four, Section Two formally establishes the Relocation Program (RP) within the Marine Corps and describes program requirements and staffing standards.

MCO P1320.11E, "Personnel Sponsorship Program," July 21, 1996  This Order provides instructions on how to establish a Sponsorship Program within a command. In partnership with RAP, the Sponsorship Program provides additional support on a voluntary basis to personnel and families arriving at a new installation. Forms for volunteers and families interested in participating in the Sponsorship Program are included.


Office of the Chief of Naval Operations Instruction (OPNAVINST) 1740.3B, "Command Sponsor and Indoctrination Program," April 29, 2009  This Instruction states that a sponsorship program should be used to integrate service members and their families into their new work and living environments after a change of duty station occurs. It provides guidance on selection of a sponsor and describes sponsor duties.

Secretary of the Navy Instruction (SECNAVINST) 1754.1B, "Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) Program," November 5, 2007  This Instruction establishes Navy policy and assigns responsibilities for the administration and support of Navy FFSC programs.

SECNAVINST 1754.6A, "Relocation Assistance Program for Department of the Navy Personnel," November 8, 2005  This Instruction establishes requirements for the Relocation Program and outlines the services to be provided. Command responsibilities and a program overview are also included in this Instruction.

Air Force

Air Force Instruction (AFI) 36-2102, "Base-Level Relocation Procedures," September 18, 2006  This Instruction defines Air Force standard relocation processing procedures.

AFI 36-3009, "Airman and Family Readiness Centers," May 7, 2013  This Instruction provides the authority and criteria for establishing Airman and Family Readiness Centers and defines services and activities for those centers. Section 3.10 requires the Airman and Family Readiness Centers to provide relocation information, education, and skills development for customers.



Army Regulation (AR) 420-1, "Army Facilities Management," 12 February 2008 This Regulation provides Senior Mission Commanders with the guidance, authority, and responsibility they need to make decisions regarding local housing matters. The Regulation sets forth policy on: eligibility for, assignment to, and termination from housing; adequacy standards for housing; military compensation issues related to housing; off-post housing services; and equal opportunity in off-post housing programs.

Marine Corps

Marine Corps Order (MCO) P11000.22, "Marine Corps Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA) Oversight, Awareness, Prevention, and Remedies," 14 February 1991 This Order provides policy guidance for the acquisition, utilization, and disposition of Marine Corps housing. It sets policy and procedures for operating housing referral services to assist eligible personnel to locate adequate, nondiscriminatory off-base housing, outlines procedures for preparing reports, and it provides the policy for operating and maintaining Marine Corps housing. This Order defines government and occupant responsibilities and criteria for conducting requirements determinations for family and bachelor housing.


Office of the Chief of Naval Operations Instruction (OPNAVINST) 11101.13J, "Assignment and Utilization of Navy-managed Military Family Housing (MFH)," 16 December 1992 This Instruction provides policy and criteria for assignments to, and use of, Navy-managed military family housing. It is intended to promote standardization in policy implementation Navy- wide. The goal is to ensure that Navy families are provided equal housing opportunities regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, handicap, or familial status.

Secretary of the Navy Instruction (SECNAVINST) 1754.6A, "Relocation Assistance Program for Department of the Navy Personnel," 8 November 2005 This Instruction establishes requirements for Relocation Assistance Programs and outlines the services to be provided. Command responsibilities and a program overview are also included in this regulation.

Air Force

Air Force Policy Directive (AFPD) 32-60, "Housing," 16 September 2005 This Directive provides policy for establishing and operating a government-controlled housing program. It does not apply to the Air Force Reserve or Air National Guard.

Air Force Instruction (AFI) 32-6001, "Family Housing Management," 21 August 2006 This Instruction provides guidance for establishing and operating a government-controlled family housing program. It applies to all major commands (MAJCOM) and installations including the Air National Guard in Title 10 USC status and Air Force Reserve Command units.

AFPD 34-6, "Air Force Lodging," 22 July 1993 This Directive establishes policy for housing Air Force personnel and eligible family members who are traveling on orders on temporary duty or for a PCS move.

AFI 36-2102, "Base-Level Relocation Procedures," 18 September 2006 This Instruction defines Air Force standard relocation processing procedures.


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