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Tools for Service Providers

Training Resources

The following training resources are designed to assist Relocation Assistance Program service providers in managing their programs and providing the most comprehensive support to service members and their families.

Beyond Basic Training Workshop Kit

The Beyond Basic Training Workshop Kit is designed to provide an understanding of the concepts of human motivation, the decision making process, goal setting, valuing, self-esteem, and effective communication techniques used when moving to, and adapting to, a new installation and community overseas. It explores the following concepts: importance of learning to live independently; understanding the impact of environment on the ability to manage and cope during relocation; how a positive decision making process impacts managing mobility and other independent life situations; and locating support services.

Families Near and Far

Sesame Workshop released a collection of resources designed to help children stay connected with loved ones. The new resources include a website where children can communicate with family and a mobile application where they can explore and express feelings.

Far Away Places Workshop Kit

This workshop kit will help service and family members organize and plan an efficient and cost-effective overseas move. Far Away Places addresses culture shock, the Intercultural Adjustment Cycle, the skills necessary for adaptation, planning for an international relocation, the financial aspects of an international relocation and some insight into cultural differences around the world.

Home Sweet Home Workshop Kit

This workshop kit contains three parts: an Instructor's Guide, a Student Manual and Worksheets, and PowerPoint Slides supporting the workshop. This workshop kit is designed to provide participants with the tools and knowledge necessary to make educated housing decisions when they receive Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders.

Money Talk Workshop Kit

This workshop kit contains three parts: an Instructor's Guide, a Student Manual, and PowerPoint slides supporting the workshop. This workshop kit is designed to provide participants with the tools and knowledge necessary to make educated financial decisions and gain a basic understanding of the financial aspects of relocation and basic military and DoD civilian PCS Allowances.

eSponsorship Application & Training

The eSponsorship Application & Training (eSAT) was created based on the issues and challenges reported by commanders, relocation assistance managers, sponsors, and newcomers regarding sponsorship training programs. eSAT was developed as a joint effort by the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Military Community and Family Policy and the military services. It provides an online training module and downloadable tools for use in the sponsorship process. Below are reference, training and marketing materials for eSAT:

Plan My Move

Plan My Move PowerPoint Presentation and Script - These slides can be used by program managers to train transferees and now include a script for training assistance. The presentation can also be used to familiarize relocation personnel with the Plan My Move website and resources.

Online Learning Environment Relocation Training

The training modules address basic functions of the Relocation Professional’s job the job including: technology, communication, client services, program management and community resources. Get started now.


Father and children packing a box When you receive permanent change of station orders, you're bound to have mixed feelings. You're likely to be excited about the upcoming change and the chance to meet new people and see new places. But you're also likely to feel stressed about the logistics of the move and about helping family members. There are steps you can take and resources available to help you make plans, stay organized, help your children and keep a step ahead while you move.

Holding hands in front of boxes Moving can put a strain on even the strongest of relationships. Not only are you stressed about all the things you need to do, but you also may feel emotional about leaving the place you call home. During the move, it's more important than ever for you and your partner to work together as a team. The following information can help you find ways to keep your relationship strong during the stresses of your next move.

Volunteer holding "I Voted" sticker When you leave active duty, take a few simple steps to notify your local election officials of your change of status. Fill out a National Voter Registration Form to register as a civilian in your new voting location. Don't let your vote get lost in transition!




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