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Service Sponsorship Programs Create Smoother Moves for Service Members

Settling into your new location and new unit takes time. To help simplify the transition, you can use the Plan My Move online tool to get information about your new location and take advantage of the Sponsorship Program to learn all about your new unit. By "showing you the ropes" and providing necessary information and guidance, sponsors can really help ease the transition to your new installation.

A sponsor is someone from your new unit who is assigned to assist you in settling into your new location. Assigned sponsors are usually equivalent to your rank and family status. Sponsors are assigned through your unit and can also be requested through your relocation program or the military and family support center at your new installation.

Here are some of the ways a sponsor can provide assistance:

  • Contacting you and your family by letter of introduction or email upon learning of your assignment to the installation
  • Sending any necessary information about the installation and area or putting you in touch with an appropriate contact who can supply that information
  • Answering any questions you or your family may have or providing appropriate resources to answer those questions
  • Being available when you arrive at your installation to meet you, show you around and help you through in-processing

If you have not been assigned a sponsor or have not yet been contacted, request one through the military and family support center at your new installation or from the commander of your new unit.

Keep in mind that sponsors' responsibilities and availability will vary from installation to installation depending on the mission requirements of your gaining unit.



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