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Loan Closets: Household Essentials When You’re on the Move


Maybe the movers have picked up all your boxes and you're left with an empty house. Or you've arrived at a new duty station but your household goods are still in transit. Either way, it can be a challenge to take care of yourself and your family without some basic household items. Before you run out to the store, check out your installation's loan closet. Available on many installations in the relocation office or in the military and family support center, the loan closet lends some of the essential items you need.

Household items

Inventory varies from installation to installation based on funding and the unique needs of the installation and service branch requirements. Here are some items you may find in the loan closet:

- Folding chairs and tables                         - Utensils
- Irons and ironing boards - Baking items
- Alarm clocks - Measuring cups and spoons
- Toasters - Mixing and serving bowls
- Portable fans and heaters - Can openers
- Baby items - Coffee makers
- Pots and pans

Lending procedures

The following guidelines are general, so check with your installation's military and family support center for specifics:

  • Lending time - Items are usually available for a period of seven to 30 days, with extensions on a case-by-case basis.
  • Eligibility - Service members, their families and other authorized DoD personnel relocating under permanent change of station orders are eligible to use the loan closet.
  • Lending procedures - Customers are usually required to present a military ID card and a copy of their orders. You may be asked to sign a lending agreement, which spells out the consequences for lost or damaged items. Since relocation personnel cannot accept cash payments, the agreement may require you to replace any lost or damaged items.
  • Return procedures - Make a note of the loan closet's hours of operation so you can return the items during working hours. Be sure to clean all the items before returning them.

Loan closet items are available at no cost to service members and their families. Returning your items promptly and in good working order will ensure that other military families will be able to take advantage of the program. 




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