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Hospitality and Lodging Info Paper


As part of Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR), the hospitality and lodging programs provide service members and their families with access to high-quality food, beverage, and entertainment services, access to membership and non-membership clubs, joint service recreation centers, recreational lodging opportunities, and lodging associated with a permanent change of station (PCS). These programs are classified as revenue generating programs (Category C) and are funded almost entirely through nonappropriated funds (NAF). At designated MWR remote and isolated locations, these programs may receive appropriated fund (APF) support similar to Category B programs.

Key Points

  • Food, Beverage, and Entertainment Programs. These programs include restaurants and snack bars, and beverage, social catering, and other Service-themed food operations and entertainment programs. The food and beverage activities, excluding name-brand fast food, may be operated as stand-alone operations or in conjunction with other MWR operations including those in Category A, B, or C.
  • Membership and Non-Membership Clubs. These programs may include food and beverage, catering, social events, entertainment, and other services normally associated with a membership organization.  Membership and the payment of dues are at the discretion of each Service.
  • Joint Service Facilities and Military Service Recreation Centers. These programs include facilities and programs operated by one Service for all service members for the primary purpose of providing rest and recreational activities. This includes Armed Forces Recreation Centers, major hotel operations, and recreational sites designed for use by all service members and other authorized patrons.
  • Recreational Lodging Programs. These programs include lodging facilities and services, such as camping, hotel-like lodging, cabins, cottages, trailers, and trailer and/or recreational vehicle parks, collocated with military recreational areas to support recreation where the vast majority of occupancy is by unofficial travelers.
  • PCS Lodging Facilities. These quality lodging facilities and services are designed to meet the needs of active duty service members and their families who are in a PCS status.


Unlimited use of MWR programs and services is authorized to active duty, National Guard, and Reserve service members and their families, armed forces retirees and their families, former and/or surviving spouses and family members, and DoD civilians and their families when stationed outside the United States. Based on local demand and capacity, installation commanders may grant use of MWR programs and services to DoD civilians and their families inside the United States, DoD contract personnel, other federal employees, guests, and members of the public.


These programs are available worldwide on military installations.


stack of books The GreenFILE database offers a collection of scholarly government and general interest titles on various topics associated to the human impact on the environment.

children picking up trash It’s no secret that volunteering can improve your community, the environment and the lives of those you serve, but you may not know that lending a hand to others can be good for you as well. Serving your community can improve or maintain your physical and psychological health as well as provide opportunities for social interaction.


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