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Outdoor Recreation Info Paper


As part of Morale, Welfare and Recreation, the outdoor recreation programs build a sense of community, promote skill development and provide for unit cohesion, stress relief and enjoyment for service members, their families and all other eligible patrons. Within outdoor recreation, two sets of programs exist to provide eligible patrons with recreational services: directed outdoor recreation programs and outdoor recreation equipment checkout.

Program highlights

  • Directed outdoor recreation - These programs provide instruction and structured outdoor recreational activities and may include archery, hunting, fishing, rappelling, hiking, scuba diving, sail boarding, backpacking, bicycling, mountain biking, boating, canoeing, camping jamborees, water and snow skiing, etc.
  • Outdoor recreation equipment checkout - This program supports self-directed and directed participation in outdoor programs by allowing eligible patrons to rent equipment used in outdoor recreation activities. This equipment may be provided free of charge or through charged fees to recover all or part of nonappropriated costs associated with providing this service. Equipment availability may vary from installation to installation but typically includes tents, coolers, sleeping bags, stoves, skis, canoes, boats, bicycles and other equipment that support the program. Outdoor recreation equipment checkout programs can also provide the sale of incidental items such as lantern fuel, mantels and similar accouterments.
  • Funding - Outdoor recreation programs are classified as community support programs (Category B) and are funded through a combination of appropriated funds and nonappropriated funds, but are primarily funded through appropriated funds. If retail outlets exist at outdoor recreation equipment checkouts, these services are revenue-generating programs (Category C) and are funded predominantly through nonappropriated funds.


Unlimited use of Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs and services is authorized to active duty, National Guard, the Reserve Component members and their families, armed forces retirees and their families, former and surviving spouses and family members, and DoD civilians and their families when stationed outside the United States. Based on local demand and capacity, installation commanders may grant use of Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs and services to DoD civilians and their families inside the United States, DoD contract personnel, other federal employees, guests and members of the public.

Program availability

These programs are available worldwide on military installations.

Additional information

Visit the Military OneSource website at


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