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Recreation Centers Info Paper


Within Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR), the Recreation Centers provide directed and self-directed individual and group recreational activities specifically targeted to the Department of Defense (DoD) community as a whole. The Recreation Centers allow service members, their families, and eligible patrons to participate in a variety of social, competitive, and education activities. The programs offered at the Recreation Centers can be stand-alone, consolidated, and/or integrated to best meet the needs of the community they serve. The funding category of Recreation Center activities varies depending on the targeted audience.

Key Points

  • Service Delivery. The activities offered at installation Recreation Centers vary from installation to installation. Typically, these facilities include activities such as Internet cafes, game rooms with video games, billiards, table games and table tennis, television and movie rooms, music rooms, classrooms, etc.
  • Funding. The funding category of Recreation Center activities varies depending on the targeted personnel.
    • Category A Recreation Center Activities. Recreation Centers offering activities with special emphasis on military personnel are classified as mission sustaining programs (Category A), supported almost entirely with appropriated funds (APF).
    • Category B Recreation Center Activities. Recreation Centers offering activities with special emphasis on service members and their families are classified as community support programs (Category B), funded through a combination of APF and nonappropriated funds (NAF), but are primarily funded through APF.
    • Category C Recreation Center Activities. Food and beverage activities offered within a Recreation Center are revenue-generating programs (Category C) and are funded predominantly through NAF.


Unlimited use of MWR programs and services is authorized to active duty, National Guard, and Reserve service members and their families, armed forces retirees and their families, former and/or surviving spouses and family members, and DoD civilians and their families when stationed outside the United States.  Based on local demand and capacity, installation commanders may grant use of MWR programs and services to DoD civilians and their families inside the United States, contract personnel, other federal employees, guests, and members of the public.


These programs are available worldwide on military installations.


Family Fitness With Little Ones New parents may let personal fitness slide to the bottom of their list of priorities in order to fill any free moments with sleep, a healthy meal or, of course, quality time with their bundle of joy. With a little creativity, fitness can double as family fun. By making exercise part of family time new parents can have the best of both worlds.

There's No Such Thing as Boredom with Morale, Welfare and Recreation The much anticipated summer vacation frees up a lot of time for children and teens, but it doesn’t take long for lazy days to become boring. To tackle boredom and avoid a sedentary summer, Morale, Welfare and Recreation offers engaging and exciting activities that help make summer vacation fun-filled and active. Whether lacing up cleats for a little league game, splashing in an installation pool or participating in recreation center crafts, Morale, Welfare and Recreation has a something that every military child will enjoy this summer.






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