Morale, Welfare and Recreation Programs Support the Total Force Fitness Initiative

Resilience:  The ability to withstand, adapt, recover and grow in the face of challenges and demands.

This definition comes from the Total Force Fitness for the 21st Century framework, which was established to understand, assess and maintain the fitness of service members and their families as it relates to mission readiness. According to TFF, fitness comes from an approach that requires the mind, body and spirit to work together to achieve and sustain well-being even under the most difficult conditions.

Did you know that you and your family can strengthen your resilience by participating in the many programs and activities provided by your installation's MWR program? The services offered by MWR support the physical, psychological, social and spiritual domains of the Total Force Fitness initiative.

Fitness, Sports and Aquatics Centers

Physical fitness is a fundamental element in physical and mental health, mission performance and readiness. You and your family members can prepare yourselves for the demands of military life by staying fit and healthy. Within MWR, the physical fitness, aquatics and sports programs provide you with opportunities to improve your physical conditioning and participate in organized sporting activities. The programs and activities include the following:

  • Physical Fitness and Aquatic Training Programs — associated with a service member's training
  • Recreational Swimming Programs — swim lessons, lifeguarding certification, water safety instruction certification, senior swim, water aerobics and physical therapy
  • Sport and Athletic Programs — individual and team programs

By participating in the fitness, sports and aquatics programs, you and your family can develop strength, endurance, flexibility and mobility, as well as family cohesion and social support systems, all of which are essential elements of resilience.

Warfighter and Family Services

Warfighter and Family Services in MWR include a variety of programs to improve quality of life and family readiness, which assist in managing the competing demands of the military mission and family. The programs offered by WFS can help you and your family with decision making skills, coping skills, family cohesion and social support and include the following services:

  • Mobility and/or Deployment Assistance — to help manage the challenges of mobilization and deployment before, during and after they occur
  • Information and Referral — to link with resources to meet the needs of you and your family
  • Relocation Assistance — to provide support, information, preparation and education through workshops, briefings, sponsorships and counseling, all targeted toward relocation and mobile military life
  • Personal Financial Management — to provide personal and family financial education, information, services and assistance
  • Employment Assistance — to connect you with employment opportunities through workshops, career counseling, job referrals, self-employment skills and guidance on self-employment in government quarters
  • Family Life Education — to provide prevention and enrichment programs focused on social relationship skills and the family life cycle by enhancing self-esteem, strengthening interpersonal skills and offering educational activities
  • Crisis Assistance — to provide short-term immediate assistance in a crisis situation
  • Volunteer Coordination — to provide effective recruitment, reimbursement, training, supervision, recognition, support and use of volunteers on an installation

The programs offered through WFS and MWR are available worldwide on military installations and online. Take advantage of the many programs to boost the resilience of your family as you manage deployment, relocation, employment, finances and the challenges of military life.

Boating, Bowling, Golf, Stables and Special Interest Programs

The services and programs offered by MWR to get you involved in outdoor recreation create family cohesion, social support, engagement, strength and endurance, all of which support the Total Force Fitness framework. These programs may also help you and your family identify a new purpose and meaning for your lives as you participate in boating, golf tournaments, horseback riding, bowling or even more extreme adventures, such as flying, sky diving or scuba diving. Experiencing these great opportunities will involve your body, mind and spirit working together to build resilience for you and your family.

Individual Skill Development Programs

Within MWR, the individual skill development programs offer educational self-development activities that advance technical knowledge and skills and offer opportunities for creative growth. These programs develop manual dexterity, self-confidence, visual acuity and safety awareness. The knowledge/skills gained through the development programs are directly transferable to military occupational specialties for service members and to career and employment opportunities for spouses. The skill development programs include the following:

  • Performing Arts Skill Development Program — opportunities for skill development in music, drama or theater through formal and informal instruction
  • Arts and Crafts Skill Development Program — opportunities for learning and recreation through formal and informal instruction in fine arts, crafts, industrial and vocational arts (includes activities such as drawing, painting, photography, woodworking, jewelry making, pottery, ceramics, sculpture and 3-D design)
  • Automotive Skills Development Program — facilities, equipment, technical instruction, skilled assistance and problem-solving services, along with individual instruction or formal classes for basic and advanced repair techniques

Taking advantage of the skills development programs will get you and your family involved in activities that will not only build family cohesion, but will also provide you with skills and knowledge for improving your employability, decision-making skills and abilities to handle the challenges you face every day.

Resilience:  The ability to withstand, adapt, recover and grow in the face of challenges and demands. Take advantage of MWR services, and help your family stay resilient, strong and healthy in body, mind and spirit.

For more information about the activities and programs available through Morale, Welfare and Recreation at your installation, visit MilitaryINSTALLATIONS. For a list of general resources provided by MWR across the services, visit Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Programs.


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