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February 2017
Awareness Spotlight

ABLE Accounts Help Families With Cost of Care

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ABLE accounts are tax-advantaged savings accounts that help pay for care and other expenses for individuals with disabilities. In general, ABLE accounts do not affect a person’s eligibility or the amount of a benefit or assistance provided under many federal programs such as Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and other public benefits. There are special rules and limits that apply to SSI.

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Enhancing Family Travel Screening

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If you are a military family relocating to remote or OCONUS locations, you must participate in family member travel screening. Learn about how the Office of Special Needs and the military departments are working to enhance this experience for your family and how you can contribute.

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Indoor Fun for Beating Cabin Fever

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Stuck inside due to winter weather? Here are five simple and fun activities you can do with your child with special needs – and they also help develop physical and cognitive skills.

(Beat cabin fever)

For Service Providers

Upcoming Military Families Learning Network Webinars

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The MFLN encourages providers to learn from each other. In February, our two webinars will be and "The Time Value of Money" on February 21, and  “Medicare 2017 & What it Means for You” on February 22. Learn more and sign up on the MFLN website.

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Love Every Day

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Valentine's Day is a reminder to keep your relationship with that special someone a top priority. Sign up for Love Every Day, a mobile solution that helps you keep, and boost, that emotional connection.

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Tax Breaks for Families With Special Needs

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If you are filing taxes for yourself or on behalf a family member with special needs, you may qualify for certain tax benefits. Contact a tax consultant to find out what tax breaks are available to you.

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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Poor vision affects millions. Learn what you can do about Vision Care during Low Vision Awareness Month.

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Moving? Transfer your TRICARE enrollment with just one phone call.

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Caring for an adult with special health needs? The Special Care Organizational Record gives you quick access to their personal and medical information.

Prepare for Your Move

Military families relocate often. Use these tips to ease the transition for your child with special needs.


Find programs and services at your local installation.

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