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The Army Chaplaincy is an Army professional bulletin published for the Chief of Chaplains. Although it contains professional information for the support and strengthening of Army chaplains and chaplain assistants, the content does not necessarily reflect the official Army position and it does not supersede any information presented in other official Army publications. The Summer-Fall 2010 issue, Strengthening Army Communities through Ministries of Sacred Speech, is available on the Army Chaplain Corps website.

The Army Chaplaincy Strategic Plan 2009-2014 This strategic plan is aligned with the Army Campaign Plan, covers a five year period, and is updated every year to reflect new issues.

Ministering to Families Affected by Military Deployment: Resources for America’s Clergy This resource guide for chaplains was prepared by the Directorate of Ministry Initiatives, United States Army Office of the Chief of Chaplains.

National Guard

National Guard Chaplaincy Strategic Mission This PowerPoint presentation summarizes the National Guard Chaplaincy Corps strategic mission.

National Guard Bureau Office of the Chaplain Newsletter This site provides access to old newsletters and excerpts from them.



Girl with head on school desk As a parent, you may already have started working with your teen on managing some of the challenges and pressures at home, at school or with friends. This article describes some common symptoms of stress in teens and offers stress management strategies and additional resources where you can find help.

Non-Medical v. Medical Counseling: What's the Difference? It’s easy for smaller issues to snowball into major stress. You don’t have to let small problems compound and become major issues. Confidential help is available to you at no cost. Reach out for confidential non-medical counseling and learn how to cope with everyday stressors.




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