Where to Find the Best Prenatal and Parenting Newsletters

As a new or expectant parent, you may feel overwhelmed with the amount of information and opinions out there telling you how to have a healthy pregnancy and raise a healthy, well-adjusted child. As helpful as some of this information might be, it can be difficult to know what questions to ask and where to begin your search for answers.

The good news is you're not alone! There are a number of resources that deliver convenient and useful information to help you begin your parenting journey with confidence and know what lies ahead with your developing baby.

TRICARE: The Parent Review

The Parent Review is a weekly e-newsletter delivered to your inbox and customized to your baby's due date or birth date. Each e-newsletter contains research-supported information about pregnancy, health and wellness, developmental milestones and parenting information. Expecting and new parents can sign up as soon as they know they are pregnant and will continue to receive the newsletters until the child's first birthday, at which time your subscription automatically expires. You can share this newsletter by signing up dad, spouse, friends, family and support people. There is no limit in subscription numbers. Use your due date for all, so everyone receives the same information.

ZERO TO THREE: From Baby to Big Kid

ZERO TO THREE's From Baby to Big Kid e-newsletters offer science-based information on how children learn and grow each month from birth to age 3. The monthly e-newsletters includes age-based information about child development, in-depth articles on common child-rearing issues and challenges, parent-child play activities that promote bonding and learning, frequently asked questions, and research on child development and what it means for parents.

eXtension: Just In Time Parenting

The age-paced Just In Time Parenting e-newsletters contain parenting tips, resources and information from prenatal care and for children through age 5. These newsletters can be downloaded and printed. Subscribing to the newsletter also connects you with experts across the country, information about upcoming local eXtension programs, fact sheets and frequently asked questions.


Text4baby is a free mobile information service designed to promote maternal and child health. Pregnant women receive three free text messages a week, timed by their due date or their baby's birth date, throughout their pregnancy until their baby's first birthday. The messages address topics such as labor signs and symptoms, prenatal care, urgent alerts, developmental milestones, immunizations, nutrition, birth defect prevention, safe sleep, safety and more. At no cost, you can have information about your pregnancy or developing baby conveniently delivered to you. Resources deliver the latest relevant, research-based information all in a format that is easy to read and follow. Each week you'll learn a little more about your developing baby so you can confidently guide and support your little one. Sign up today!


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