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Tools for Service Providers

Training Resources

The following training resources are designed to assist parenting program service providers in managing their programs and providing the most comprehensive support to service members and their families.



Wherever My Family Is: That's Home! Adoption Services for Military Families Prepared by a team including representatives of the Health and Human Services Children's Bureau, The Collaboration to AdoptUsKids, The Adoption Exchange, Inc., McKenzie Consulting, Inc., the National Military Family Association, and the American Public Human Services Association, this guide provides a roadmap to make quality and timely adoption services readily available for military families.

New Parent Support Program

Department of Defense

Safe Sleep Campaign 2011

A Safe Sleep For All Babies
This education effort is part of U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's (CPSC's) Safe Sleep Initiative, a multi-pronged effort aimed at reducing deaths and injuries associated with unsafe sleep environments. In addition to this education effort, CPSC's Safe Sleep Initiative includes the development of new crib standards, warnings about drop-side cribs, sleep positioners, and infant slings, and the recall of millions of cribs in the past five years. There is also a video that demonstrates how to keep babies safe and sound in cribs, bassinets and play yards.

Safe Infant Sleep Basics Podcast

This podcast provides some easy to follow guidelines from medical experts to help ensure safe sleep. The goal of these guidelines is simple: to decrease your child's risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Listen to the podcast or download the transcript.

Promotional Guidance

These resources provide ideas for sharing life-saving safe sleep information with new and expectant parents, and for partnering with other community members to promote safe sleep practices. They can be used to augment existing tools, offering quick and easy access to professionally vetted information to support service providers' work with new and expectant parents.

Online Resources

Adventures in Parenting This is an online booklet for parents from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. The booklet focuses on how to become a more successful parent by properly responding to a child, preventing risky behavior, monitoring a child's contact with the outside world, appropriate mentoring, and modeling proper behavior.

ZERO TO THREE This is a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to "promote the healthy development of our nation's infants and toddlers." The website provides a substantial amount of research-based, practical information on a number of topics. The site is arranged in sections for "Parents" and for "Professionals" and includes a topical listing under "Parenting A-Z," journal articles, and "Tips of the Week." The most recent addition to the site is a section for military families that includes articles and resources for military families with very young children. This content is updated monthly.


Domestic Violence Awareness Month infonet ad Domestic Violence Awareness Month, or DVAM, is observed each October to raise community awareness and highlight Department of Defense, or DoD, and civilian resources available to build healthy relationships, support victims and children, and promote offender accountability. The Family Advocacy Program, or FAP, is DoD's lead agency and part of the coordinated community response to domestic violence in the military. Check out this toolkit to learn more.

Man filling out voting information When election season comes around, make sure you're informed. How do you know you're making the best choice you can? This article is full of tips to make sure you vote responsibly and don't just fall for the candidate with the nice hair or good commercials.

couple talking Imagine trying to develop a healthy, strong relationship with someone who didn't speak the same language as you - an uphill battle, to say the least! That's why communication is so important to lasting, loving relationships. If you think you and your partner could use some help in that area read more here.




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