How to Take Advantage of all the BBB Military Line® Has to Offer

There are many companies vying for your dollars today. Their chorus is loud and clear as advertisements pop up on websites, during television programs and even in your email box. Military service members are particularly attractive to businesses, because, statistically, they are healthy wage earners, have young children and are concentrated in areas near military installations, where it is easy to solicit their business. It can be much easier to spend your money than to protect it, especially with advertisers who are particularly persistent.

Yet, you can be a smarter consumer if you use the resources offered by the Better Business Bureau. The BBB offers financial literacy and consumer protection that is specifically geared to the military. When you wonder what companies you can trust, turn to the Better Business Bureau to discover how you can protect your hard-earned money.

What can BBB Military Line® do for you?

When you believe that you have been unfairly treated by a business, or if you want to know if a business has a good record before you spend your dollars there, the Better Business Bureau is ready to help. The BBB has served the public since 1912 by helping consumers find ethical businesses, promoting good ethics in the marketplace and resolving disputes between businesses and consumers. Since 2004, the BBB has focused on the military community through a program called BBB Military Line®. This program's goal is to contribute to mission readiness by improving service members' financial readiness. The program offers:

  • Education. Many BBBs near military installations teach financial readiness classes.
  • Outreach. The BBB attends community fairs, conferences and events where they can speak with service members and distribute information.
  • Information. The BBB website offers articles, links and consumer alerts for each branch of service, including free consumer guides and a newsletter written just for military members. BBB is also available on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Data Collection. By assembling data, the BBB can identify product/business threats in the military community, while also determining the community's needs in the marketplace.
  • Complaint and Dispute Resolution. By filing a complaint through the BBB, consumers can receive help resolving disputes. Complaints also alert the BBB to issues affecting the military community at large.

The links listed under the "Information" entry above may offer the best introduction to the various ways that the BBB can help you. Since the BBB's mission is "to be the leader in advancing marketplace trust," they serve as an impartial mediator between businesses and consumers, promoting integrity, teamwork and respect. These are values the military lives by as well. Since your military career depends on good financial management, it's helpful to have the services provided by the BBB when you have difficulty with a business. Protect your financial assets; use the services of the BBB to be a smart consumer!


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