Military Relief Organizations and Emergency Financial Help

Sometimes the challenges of life, especially financial emergencies, can become overwhelming. Fortunately, military relief organizations exist in every branch of the military to help service members and their families in times of financial emergency. The information below will help you understand the kinds of financial emergencies that can be covered and how to apply for financial assistance.

About military relief organizations

Military relief organizations are private, nonprofit organizations (one for each service) that help service members and their families with certain emergency financial needs. Depending on the circumstances, these organizations can provide interest-free loans, grants or a combination of loans and grants. Military relief organizations also sponsor tuition assistance programs for service members and certain family members. Some offer other special programs such as financial counseling. You can find out more on the individual relief organization's website.

Help with financial emergencies

Most loans and grants from military relief organizations are for one-time financial emergencies such as for rent, utilities, vehicle repair, certain medical and dental expenses, emergency travel and funeral expenses.

Each organization limits the kinds of financial expenses it will cover. For example, these organizations do not cover fines and legal expenses, the purchase of a home or vehicle, or other nonessentials.

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Relief organizations by service

If there is no nearby emergency relief organization for your service branch, one of the other military relief organizations can help process your request on behalf of your service's relief organization. If no military relief organizations are nearby, the local Red Cross chapter can also process your request.


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