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Relationship Health & Family Wellness Products


Cover of Coming Home book.

Coming Home: What to Expect, How to Deal when you Return from Combat

Created with the help of service members who have returned from combat and military experts on reunion and reintegration, this booklet provides a detailed list of resources that help returning service members and their families deal with all aspects of reunion and reintegration. Note: This book is not intended for children or adolescents.

CDs and DVDs

Cover of the Sesame Street’s Little Children, Big Challenges: Divorce kit.

Sesame Street's Little Children, Big Challenges: Divorce

Multimedia outreach resources leverage the power of the beloved Sesame Street Muppets to provide families and young children ages 2 to 8 with critically-needed resources to help reassure children that they will be cared for, and that, together with their families, they can learn ways to cope with the stress and changes associated with divorce or separation and have hope for the future. This research-based initiative offers tools to help young children cope with and understand divorce at an age-appropriate level and aid families in managing the impact of this tough transition.

Educational Items

Image of Baby Wheel cover.

Baby Wheel (English Version)

Smiling, sitting up, grabbing, crawling, talking, walking – babies and toddlers acquire new skills at an awesome pace. Military OneSource's new Baby Wheel helps you understand how you can help your baby flourish during this important time of growth and development. Just turn the dial to your baby's age – you'll learn about developmental milestones and how you can support your child's progress with activities that are fun for both of you.


Coming Together Around Military Families Toolkit

Coming Together Around Military Families Kit

This is a comprehensive packet of materials for parents, caregivers and professionals who work to meet the needs of young children challenged by the stressors of military life, such as deployment and relocation.

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Sesame Street's Little Children, Big Challenges: Resilience "Little Children, Big Challenges" introduces the skills and strategies young children (ages 2 to 5) needed to build resilience and persevere through day-to-day challenges, such as beating the bedtime blues, trying new things and making new friends, and significant transitions and situations, such as mean or aggressive behavior, sibling rivalry and relocation. This bilingual family guide contains tips and strategies and includes a Sesame Street DVD featuring a Muppet story and music videos with real children and families.

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