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These resources include family wellness resources across all services, including information for National Guard and reserves.


Army Child and Youth Services (CYS) Army CYS provides families with support through Child Development Centers (CDCs), Family Child Care (FCC) Homes, School-Age Services, Youth Services, Youth Sports and Fitness Programs, education programs, and community outreach services. For service providers, the Army CYS website provides valuable information on topics such as USDA Nutrition Guidelines for children, Respite Care, and the Warriors in Transition Program. The Army CYS website lists descriptions of each program and provides information on registering for programs for active duty Soldiers and their families as well as Guard and Reserve Soldiers and families.

Army Reserve Child and Youth Services (CYS) The Army Reserve CYS website provides information for parents, teachers, preschoolers, pre-teens, and teens to identify child care opportunities.

Army Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) The Army EFMP works with other military and civilian agencies to provide comprehensive and coordinated community support, housing, and educational, medical, and personal services to families with special needs. The Army EFMP website provides news articles, educational links, videos, and frequently asked questions about the program.

Army OneSource Army OneSource is the website of Army Community Service (ACS), the organization that provides family programs and services to members of the Army. This website offers a variety of information, services, and resources for Soldiers, family members, staff, and civilians. This site includes information on both the Army Family Advocacy Program and the New Parent Support Program.

Army Virtual Family Readiness Groups (vFRG) The Army vFRG serves as a direct connection for families to commands for information concerning their unit. The vFRG website provides links to information topics concerning the program and includes a separate section devoted to helping children, "tweens," and teens cope with the deployment of a parent.

Marine Corps

Marine Corps Community Services Children, Youth and Teen (CY&T) The Marine Corps CY&T program offers access to useful, flexible, and affordable child care programs, and social, recreational, and athletic programs for children of Marines up to eighteen years of age. The CY&T website provides information on Marine Corps CDCs, school-age care (SAC), youth programs, youth sports programs, teen programs, FCC programs, and the Resource and Referral (R&R) program.

Marine Corps Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) The Marine Corps EFMP assists families with special medical or educational needs. The EFMP website provides an overview of the program from assignment coordination to family support to assist service providers with becoming more knowledgeable about the program.

Marine Corps Family Advocacy Program (FAP) Marine Corps FAP assists families of Marines experiencing the trauma of spousal or child abuse. FAP offers information on spouse/partner and child abuse, victim advocacy, counseling for individuals, counseling for couples, as well as support groups for men and women. The FAP website provides an overview of the program in the Marine Corps, links to policy memorandum and guides, and commander and Staff NCO training resources.

Marine Corps New Parent Support Program (NPSP) The NPSP offers a wide range of support services to military families expecting a child or with a child from birth to age five to include classes, home visits, and referrals. The NPSP website can assist installation children and youth service providers by providing a description of the program and installation points of contact.


Navy Child and Youth Programs The Navy Child and Youth Programs encompass CDCs, child development homes, SAC, youth and teen programs, and child and youth education services aboard Navy installations. This website includes information and links for partner organizations.

Navy Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) The Navy EFMP assists Sailors and their families by addressing the special needs of exceptional family members during the assignment process. The Navy EFMP website presents an overview of the program as well as links to recent Navy EFMP conferences and DoD resources.

Navy Family Advocacy Program (FAP) Navy FAP provides clinical assessment, treatment, and services for service members and their families involved in incidents of domestic abuse. The Navy FAP website provides a program overview and resources on intake/screenings, intervention/treatment, and safety.

Navy New Parent Support Program (NPSP) The Navy NPSP provides additional education and support to Navy families with young children. The NPSP website provides a program overview, information on various stages of the child rearing process, as well as additional resources for families.

Air Force

Armed Forces Crossroads Family, Child and Youth Services The Family, Child and Youth Services section of Armed Forces Crossroads allows visitors to search for program aboard their installation that provide Children and Youth or Family services.

Armed Forces Crossroads Health and Wellness The Health and Wellness section of Armed Forces Crossroads provides resources for service providers on helping children and teens cope with deployment.

Air Force Services Family Member Programs The Family Member Programs provides information and resources for FCC, the CDC, and school-age programs aboard Air Force installations.

Air Force Services Youth Programs The Air Force Youth Programs provide a number of activities to educate, guide, and entertain young members of the Air Force family. This website provides a description of the various activities offered at the installation youth programs.

Coast Guard

Coast Guard Child Care Program The Coast Guard Child Care Program assists personnel in balancing the competing demands of family and military life through the provision of services at CDCs, Coast Guard certified FCC providers, referral to community-based child care providers, and the Department of Transportation discount program. The Coast Guard Child Care Program website lists program-related information and resources, program references, and contact information for the Integrated Support Commands (ISC).

Coast Guard Family Advocacy Program (FAP) The Coast Guard FAP program strives to prevent and reduce the incidence of family violence and to create an environment of intolerance for such behavior. The Coast Guard FAP website can provide installation service providers with information and resources related to the program as well as contact information.

Coast Guard Special Needs Program The Coast Guard Special Needs program is intended to ensure that family and Coast Guard needs are met and to assist members with special needs with the appropriate referral and resources before, during, and after relocation. The Special Needs website describes the program, lists various resources related to the program, and provides contact information.

National Guard and Reserve

National Guard Child and Youth Program The National Guard's Child and Youth Program website provides program overviews as well as information on how to find local service providers.

The National Guard Online Community This website provides resources for family members as well as service providers.

United States Army Reserve (AR) Child and Youth Services (CYS) The AR offers CYS to Army Reserve Soldiers, their families and civilians through nine CYS Regional Coordinators across the country at the Regional Readiness Commands (RRCs). The CYS Regional Coordinators provide information to AR personnel on cost-saving and other DoD-sponsored child care initiatives and referral services for local child care opportunities to ensure AR personnel receive affordable, quality child care. For more information, contact the local CYS Regional Coordinators.

United States Air Force Reserve (USAFR) Family Readiness The USAFR Family Readiness program provides family support services to families of deployed USAFR personnel, focusing primarily on information and referral services.

United States Coast Guard Reserve (USCGR) Family Support Programs The USCGR offers the same child care services to Reservists recalled to active duty as they do to active duty members of the Coast Guard, to include Child Development Centers, family child care homes, and resource and referral programs.


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