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Career Exploration

Top Five Reasons to Use SECO Career Counseling

Employment seekers need an edge and certified Spouse Education and Career Opportunities Career Counselors provide that through their individualized career counseling. Discover what SECO Career Counselors can do for you.

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Education & Training

Improving Student Experiences

The Department of Defense is working to ensure that service and family members pursuing education paid for by the GI Bill®, Military Tuition Assistance or My Career Advancement Account Scholarship have a way to register complaints when schools misrepresent degree programs, apply high-pressure recruitment tactics or use other deceptive actions. Learn about the new complaint system process.

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Employment Readiness

MySECO Availability for Service Providers

Accessing MySECO tools is easier than ever as the DoD Self-service Logon, or DS Logon, is no longer required for many of the resources. Discover which features are available to the public and which require the DS Logon.

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Career Connections

Humana’s Commitment to Hiring Military Spouses

Humana, a Military Spouse Employment Partnership partner, appreciates the variety of talents that military spouses bring to the workforce and works to retain them with flexible work-at-home policies and portable careers.

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Military Spouse Spotlight

Sharing their wealth of practical knowledge, military spouses from all branches weigh in on the job search with advice you’ll put to practice and pass on to others.