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Career Exploration

Create Your Business Plan

Thinking about starting a business? The Small Business Administration offers tips on how to develop a business plan that will help make your business a success.

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Education & Training

Spouse Ambassador Network

Learn more about the Spouse Ambassador Network, a group of organizations united to help military spouses achieve their education and career goals.

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Employment Readiness

Tailoring Your Resume to a Specific Job

Landing a job can be a challenge when you live in a location with lots of job candidates and limited job openings. By tailoring your resume for a specific job, you can increase your chance of getting that all-important interview.

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Career Connections

Fall Into Networking

This fall, we’re bringing military spouses new opportunities to network through the Fall into Networking series on LinkedIn.

Message from the Associate Director
Military Spouse Spotlight Image - Kim Milner

Military Spouse Spotlight

Military spouses often tell us that the best career advice they receive is from other military spouses. Below is just a sample of the great submissions we have received recently.