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Career Exploration

Using Career Assessments to Find Your Path

If you are trying to figure out what career might be right for you, a career assessment can be a good tool to use.

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Education & Training

A New Resource to Reach Your Educational Goals

LearningCounts for the Department of Defense Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program is a new initiative to help military spouses earn college credit for knowledge and expertise gained through life and work experience. Through the pilot program, military spouses learn how to build portfolios of prior learning to be evaluated for college credit.

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Employment Readiness

Creating a Positive Online Image

Creating a positive online image is an important factor in gaining employment in today’s digital age. Learn ways you can increase your online marketability by creating and maintaining your positive online image for potential employers.

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Career Connections

Convergys’ Commitment to Hiring Military Spouses

Convergys joined the Military Spouse Employment Partnership in 2008 and remains committed to hiring and retaining military spouses. You can learn more about Convergys’ hiring initiatives and visit the MSEP Career Portal for job opportunities.

Message from the Director
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Military Spouse Spotlight

Sharing their wealth of practical knowledge, military spouses from all branches weigh in on the job search with advice you’ll put to practice and pass on to others.