Telework: Find Work Within MSEP

Teleworking for Military Spouses

The lifestyle of military spouses requires flexibility and portability — the ability to perform responsibilities from anywhere in the world. Teleworking, or working remotely from home, is ideal for military spouses because it allows the flexibility to pursue career goals despite the interruptions and transitions of military life. As long as you have a computer and internet access, you can continue your work through multiple PSC moves and deployments.

Advantages and challenges of teleworking

There are clear advantages to teleworking. Military spouses who telework can retain one job through all the changes of military life — whether it be a move across the country or a deployment of your service member. Virtual employment saves both time and money. It eliminates commuting, parking and wardrobe costs, and frees up more time, allowing you to spend it with you family or doing other activities you enjoy. Teleworkers are less likely to feel physically and emotionally drained at the end of the day.

However, teleworking isn’t without challenges. Separating work and home life takes effort. You might be tempted to keep working past your normal hours because your computer is a few feet from your bed, or check emails constantly. Before long, your work life has taken over your home life. Teleworking also can be isolating since you are physically disconnected from your office and other people.

Finding telework

If you are already employed and want to request teleworking options, it’s best to develop a written proposal and presentation concentrating on how teleworking can benefit the company. Emphasize your value to the company and the traits that will make you an effective teleworker. Suggest ways to measure accountability, and propose a trial period.

If you are interested in telework options, look for self-employment opportunities. Here are some strategies to get you started.

  • Work for staffing agencies on temporary assignments. MSEP partners with Robert Half Inc., Adecco USA, Kelly Services Inc., ManpowerGroup, Volt Workforce Solutions and World Travel Specialists to offer a variety of temporary and contract opportunities.
  • Ask for referrals. Request referrals from existing contacts and satisfied customers.
  • Consider government-contracting opportunities. Visit the SBA's Government Contracting Classroom to learn about bidding on government contracts. You may also consider contracting your services to organizations that hold government contracts.
  • Use applicable search terms. Virtual positions often appear in employment searches with some specific keywords. Use terms like the following in conjunction with terms that apply to your job field: virtual, telework, non-location, Anywhere U.S.

Teleworking resources

If you are considering a telework option, check out the following resources for information and guidance:

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