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Spouse Education & Career Opportunities

Spouse Education and Career


Command leaders play a vital role in keeping local and regional military friendly employers, service providers and military spouses connected with each other on a daily basis. These connections help spouses overcome significant barriers to education, career and employment opportunities as they experience frequent relocations to new duty stations throughout their service member’s active duty career.

The resources provided here will:

  • Connect command leaders to military command-owned support resources
  • Provide the latest information regarding overarching SECO services and service providers
  • Help raise public awareness regarding portable career counseling services; education and financial assistance; professional licensing and credentials across state lines; mentoring services; networking; and employment assistance.


Employment programs support spouses of active duty, National Guard, and Reserve Component service members.


Information and assistance is available on the Internet, at installation family service centers, and at state employment offices.


Department of Defense Policy
Department of Defense Legislation
Department of Defense Service Regulations and Orders
Support Services
Additional Resources


Woman and young girl in kitchen with laptop In recognition of the month of the military child, we encourage you to have conversations with your children about work. You can start talking to your children about work even when they’re still very young. The purpose of these conversations is to help your child understand why you work, what you do and to begin to appreciate the meaningful role that work plays in our lives. 

 Military Families in Transition (eTraining) The SECO Scholarship Database makes searching for scholarships and grants specifically for military spouses fast and easy. You can also use the database to search for scholarship opportunities for your service member and your college-bound children. Register or sign in today to explore.  




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