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Spouse Education & Career Opportunities

Spouse Education and Career


Command leaders play a vital role in keeping local and regional employers, service providers and military spouses connected with each other on a daily basis.

These connections help spouses overcome barriers to education, career and employment opportunities as they experience frequent relocations to new duty stations throughout their service member's active-duty career.

The resources provided here will provide the following:

  • Connect command leaders to military command-owned support resources
  • Provide the latest information regarding overarching Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program services
  • Help raise awareness regarding career counseling services, education and financial assistance, professional licensing and credentials across state lines, mentoring services, networking and employment opportunities


Employment programs support spouses of active-duty, National Guard and Reserve Component service members.

Program availability

Information and assistance are available on the Internet, at installation family service centers, state employment offices and through the Military OneSource SECO Career Center at 800-342-9647.

Additional information


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Woman reading Looking for the right scholarship can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But the SECO Scholarship Finder makes it easy. Search for yourself, your spouse and even your college-bound kids.




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