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Spouse Education & Career Opportunities

Spouse Employment & Career Opportunities

Making a difference

Is your installation Spouse Employment program making a difference? Do you have a best practice to share? Are there events you are offering that other installations might be interested in? Share your successes and come see what other installations are doing! We look forward to highlighting your spouse education and career support to the military community here.


Woman in work attire. Tired of the same old job search? Let the Military Spouse Employment Partnership Career Portal connect you with more than 260 companies committed to hiring and promoting military spouses in portable careers. On the site, you can post your resume, search job openings and learn more about the partner organizations.

Woman reading. With all the twists and turns of military life, it’s not easy to find and follow your career path. Now, with MyFuture, you can connect with a certified Career Counselor to discuss all your options and develop a personalized career plan.

Group of colleagues. MySECO is your one-stop online source for all the career and education information you need. Developed just for military spouses, the MySECO site has tools to let you research career fields, search for scholarships, create a career plan or build your resume. Find out what MySECO can do for you.

Dart board This webinar will discuss the basics of target date mutual funds — how they work, advantages and disadvantages, historical performance, risk factors and their use as a default investment option in employer retirement savings plans. We will also learn about the composition and characteristics of the Thrift Savings Plan Lifecycle fund available to service members and federal government employees, as well as the upcoming change of using the Lifecycle fund as the default Thrift Savings Plan investment option.


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May 26, 2015
Ins and Outs of Target Date Funds and New L Fund TSP Default Option
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