The MilSpouse eMentor Leadership Program

Being a military spouse sometimes means life is a bit more complicated. But as a military spouse, you have some extra help in your corner. The MilSpouse eMentor Leadership Program is a dynamic online community where protégés can receive personalized career guidance, advice, support and inspiration from more experienced military spouses, career mentors and military spouse-friendly employers. The MilSpouse eMentor Leadership Program is one of 162 companies and organizations who belong to the Military Spouse Employment Partnership, an employment and career partnership connecting military spouses to military spouse-friendly partner employers and organizations.

These mentorships can be very helpful to military spouses who are constantly on the move. Military families typically move every few years, meaning new friends, jobs, homes, cities and sometimes even countries. Having a mentorship with a MilSpouse eMentor can help to alleviate some of the stress that comes along with these changes.

One of the bigger challenges a military spouse faces when relocating to a new city is searching for meaningful employment. A main goal of the MilSpouse eMentor Leadership Program is to pair-up military spouses directly with mentors who can assist in the search for employment at a new location. Mentors typically can be any of the following:

  • Experienced professionals in their career fields
  • Representatives of military spouse-friendly firms
  • Experienced military spouses

Mentors are there to help. They are experienced professionals who can offer guidance on what a spouse needs to do to stay competitive in their career when they move. They help the military spouse identify what qualifications and skills are needed to succeed in the career and can help the military spouse to highlight these attributes. And, they are able to activate their personal network on behalf of their protégé. Sometimes it is who you know!

Many mentors are representatives of military spouse-friendly firms where a spouse’s mobile military life is not necessarily a detriment. Some of these companies offer telework or 100 percent virtual positions so that a military spouse can retain their employment as they move. Other partner companies offer flexible work hours or may have locations across the country that allow a spouse to transfer and retain their status. These mentors understand your situation and are ready to work with you to make the move and achieve your goals.

Mentors can also be experienced military spouses who have faced and overcome the same challenge of having to relocate and find new employment. They know the ins and outs of moving and moving up in an organization; how to progress in a career; and how to balance work and home. These experienced military spouses have worked for employers on or near military installations and often times can act as a referral for a spouse who is relocating.

Signing up is your first step. Then, getting a mentor is really quite simple. As a participant in the eMentor program, you can easily search through the entire database of mentors using filters like “industry” or “location” to select the right person for you. Using some basic information from your online profile, the program will also suggest mentors who have similar backgrounds. Most spouses meet with their mentor a few times each month to establish goals and create simple action plans for making their goals happen. Mentors are typically available via phone, Skype, email, messaging in the eMentor system or, if co-located in the same geographic area, in-person.

Get that little boost you need to get your career moving in the right direction and sign up for the MilSpouse eMentor Leadership Program today! You can also visit the Military OneSource Spouse Education and Career Opportunities website for more information and resources to help you with any aspect of your career.


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