Commissary On-Site Sales

Commissary shopping is one of the key benefits offered to military service members and their families. Service members living on or near a military installation most likely have easy access to a commissary but for National Guard and Reserve Component members, the nearest commissary may be miles away. To ensure that National Guard and Reserve Component members have access to the same savings as those active-duty service members who are more conveniently located near a commissary, the Defense Commissary Agency created the National Guard and Reserve On-site Sales Program.

How the program works

An on-site sale is possible when a host commissary coordinates with a National Guard or Reserve Component unit with at least 150 members stationed in the surrounding area. You can request a sale in your area by contacting your unit. Your unit representative can then contact the nearest commissary to discuss the details of a possible on-site sale, including location, date and select items.

On-site sale shoppers will receive the same savings as commissary shoppers (items at cost plus a five percent surcharge). This discount translates into a savings of 30 percent or more on purchases compared to civilian, commercial grocery stores.

Eligibility and sale dates

National Guard and Reserve Component members are the intended patrons of on-site sales, but anyone who is authorized to shop at a commissary is also eligible to shop at these sales. Due to budget reductions, National Guard and Reserve Component on-site sales have been suspended but may resume in the near future. Patrons are asked to check the DeCA website often as sales and event locations will be listed there as they are scheduled. For more information, visit the National Guard and Reserve Component On-site Sales section of the DeCA website.


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