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Title 20 Code of Federal Regulations (CRF) Part 1010, “Priority of Service for Covered Persons: Final Rule,”  December 19, 2008 The Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS) of the Department of Labor issued this final rule to implement priority of service in qualified job training programs. The final rule became effective as of 19 January 2009.

Title 10 United State Code §1144, "Employment Assistance, Job Training Assistance, and Other Transitional Services," January 5, 2009 This legislation directs the Secretary of Labor, in conjunction with the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of Transportation, and the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, to establish and maintain a program to furnish counseling, assist in identifying employment, and to provide training opportunities; help in obtaining such employment and training; and to provide other related information and services to members of the armed forces who are being separated from active duty and to the spouses of such members.

Public Law 107-103, Section 302, "Timing of Preseparation Counseling," December 27, 2001 This legislation directs preseparation counseling to begin as soon as possible during the twelve months prior to separation for service members leaving active duty and twenty-four months prior to retirement.


Latest - Moving Podcast for Teens from MYOM While your teenager may not be excited about moving, you can make the transition a little easier. Helping your teen prepare for transition early may ease some of the strain.

Parenting: The Latest: MYOM image As you prepare to transition from the military, and in recognition of the Month of the Military Child, we invite you to visit a site designed especially for military children of all ages who are coping with the challenges of moving. Explore Military Youth on the Move to learn more.






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