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TurboTAP Info Paper


TurboTAP is an easy to use, interactive web portal that provides life-long support to separating active-duty, National Guard and Reserve Component members and their families. It is a single source starting point for accessing key resources available to transitioning members at any point in their military career.

Key Points

  • Collaborative partnership. TurboTAP was developed through a collaborative partnership between the DoD and the departments of Labor, Veterans Affairs, and Education, the Small Business Administration, the National Veterans Corporation and the National Guard Bureau, integrating their best online tools, information and support services for the benefit of transitioning service members returning to their homes, communities and local employers.
  • Available for life. Transitioning service members are encouraged to establish a TurboTAP account within 48 hours of attending a Transition Assistance Program workshop or as soon as they learn about this resource. The account gives them access to the online TurboTAP Individual Transition Planning Tool and provides them with email alerts when benefits and support services change.
  • Features. The main features of TurboTAP include the following:
    • A multi-media tutorial explaining how to use TurboTAP
    • Downloadable preseparation and transition guides, helpful checklists and resources for in-person assistance
    • An employment hub with links to job boards, a resume tool and job search assistance
    • A Department of Veterans Affairs benefits hub with a full range of benefits, including a focus on health issues
    • A TurboTAP account for transitioning planning and benefit alerts


TurboTAP is available to separating active-duty, National Guard and Reserve Component service members and their families.

Program Availability

TurboTAP is available online.


Operation TAP Logo During September 2014, Transition Assistance Program offices on installations across the globe will be participating in TAP awareness activities. Watch for events on your installation all month long or contact your local Transition Assistance Program office to get involved.

Transition Assistance Military Life Topic page. When you know you'll be leaving the military (even if your departure is a year or more away) it's time to start planning your return to civilian life. Each military service branch has a transition assistance program. Although the organization and procedures for transition assistance programs vary, they all offer the same benefits and services.




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